CrossFit SCV Programming

CrossFit SCV provides traditional CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance programming as well as custom Strength & Conditioning and Olympic Lifting training.  We offer the widest variety of equipment for all genres of training from Powerlifting to traditional CrossFit training.

2014 WodSeries Champions Coach Sean and Coach Curtis

2014 WodSeries Champions Coach Sean and Coach Curtis

We understand that there are many options in the Santa Clarita Valley to suit your fitness needs.  There are big box fitness clubs, a handful of CrossFit gyms, boot camps and private training facilities.  All of these are safe options for fitness; but, if you’re an athlete looking to reach your potential then these are the reasons why our gym is the best choice:

 1) Experience.  Our origins are rooted in CrossFit.  What makes us different is that through trial and error and countless training sessions with hundreds of athletes we have removed movements and training modalities that were unsafe and ineffective.   We’ve retained those which are safe and functional, and have optimized them to insure athletes reach their goals. We also have a variety of experience based on our coaches different backgrounds and training specialties.  We have had athletes compete in a wide variety of events from the Boston Marathon to the CrossFit Games.

2) Vision.  There is an untapped athlete in all of us.  Some of us find our inner athlete and our drive to compete at an early age, while others realize their athletic potential much later in life. The trick is to find and unlock our inner athlete, and that begins by simply understanding that our bodies (this includes every single one of us) were made to move, function and perform like an athlete.  We weren't built to be sedentary; we were built to run, jump, climb, lift, swing and compete.  Our coaches will help you to foster this athletic potential.

3) Universality.  At our gym, our main objective is to build athletes.  We work with world class athletes, but we also train moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers, high school athletes, and everyone in between.  The training needs of world class athletes and YOU differ by degree, not by kind. In other words, we all need to be functional or athletic—the only difference, depending on your fitness level, will be volume and specificity. 

4) Individuation.  Our class size is small, guaranteed.  We limit our class size to 10 people, no exceptions.  Let’s face it, functional movements can be complex at times, and it’s crucial to have the coach’s eyes on everyone during class.  This is especially important for athletes that have physical limitations, are recovering from injuries, or are just plain new to CrossFit or Strength and Conditioning training.  Because of our structure, your coach will know you--which means they will know when to push you and when to slow you down.



The majority of us have forgotten how to move properly.  We’ve pushed our health and well-being to the bottom of our "To Do" list. What has this gotten us? Unwanted weight gain? Achy joints? Compromised mobility? Overall poor health? That's why now is the time to unlock your inner athlete, push your health to the top of your "Must Do" list. So stop talking about it and do it!




Reeta and Estevan taking home the 2015 SVDM banner

Reeta and Estevan taking home the 2015 SVDM banner

How It Works

CrossFit SCV provides daily programming on a traditional three on, one off, two on, one off schedule.  Typical days off would be Thursday and Sunday but we realize that we don't all have "typical" lives.  We expect that you will miss a day or two here or there and we will still be there for you on the off days so that you can make up the days that you miss.  Why don't we program for seven days?  Because you need at least two days per week to rest.  

Daily programming includes the following:

  • Warm up
  • Skill or Movement
  • WOD (Workout of the Day) 
  • Cool Down and stretching

Optional CFE conditioning components - can be done at home or at the gym:

  • Running 
  • Biking
  • Swimming 

Optional Strength and Conditioning programming:

  • Strength program
  • Olympic lifting
  • Sport specific

Class Sizes

Classes will have a coach to athlete ratio of no more than one to ten.  The only exception to this rule will be the CFE class which may be larger or outdoors - in this class, your coaches will be sweating right next to you!

Drop Ins

If you are visiting from out of town, please feel free to drop in for a CrossFit class or some open gym time.  Check the calendar and sign up for a class or contact us via email or phone.  No, we do not charge for drop-ins and yes we have t-shirts.

Coach Christy and Coach Curtis taking home the 2014 SVDM banner

Coach Christy and Coach Curtis taking home the 2014 SVDM banner

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